Marketplace Working papers (The Netherlands)
Working papers (The Netherlands)
par Silverfin
Working papers

All Silverfin templates you need to prepare periodical and year-end reportings.

This set of templates has specifically been built for the Dutch market. These include a variety of calculations and supporting reconciliations from keeping track of the fleet of your client, calculation the applicable benifits in kind automatically to VAT turnover reconciliation (ronderekening omzetbelasting) and many others.

Ce paquet comprend
Modèles de compte
Credit account
Debtors - ageing balance
Provisions specification
Securities register
Trade payables + ageing
Fichiers d'exportation
Adjustments - Exact
Adjustments - Twinfield
Assessments personnel costs
Aventages en nature
Balance Sheet personnel costs
Berekening Eindheffing ivm WKR
Bruto-marge controle
Calcul de la taxe de vente
Cash & Banks check
Checking RGS-mapping
Checking used account template per account
Controle beginbalans
Controle overige bedrijfskosten
Controle Ratio's
Coordonées de l'entreprise
Correction TVA voiture
Detail langlopende schulden
Equity overview
Financiële leasing
Interest calculation
Inventory check
Junior checklist
Nmbrs settings
Overview ageing balance creditors
Overview ageing balance debtors
Partage des bénéfices du partenariat et comparaison des capitaux propres
Saldo’s corrigeren obv omslagcodes
Securities summary
Share capital reconciliation
Share capital register
Suspense accounts, Accrued assets and liabilities, Other receivables and payables
Tableau d'investissement et d'amortissement
Trial balance with adjustments
Work in progress check
Workflow working screens
Administrative work periodically
Administrative work periodically
Segments d'Insight
Energie-intensiteit - drempelkosten