Marketplace Working papers (The Netherlands)
Working papers (The Netherlands)
by Silverfin
Working papers

All Silverfin templates you need to prepare periodical and year-end reportings.

This set of templates has specifically been built for the Dutch market. These include a variety of calculations and supporting reconciliations from keeping track of the fleet of your client, calculation the applicable benifits in kind automatically to VAT turnover reconciliation (ronderekening omzetbelasting) and many others.

This package includes
Account Templates
Credit account
Debtors - ageing balance
Investment & depreciation
Provisions specification
Securities register
Trade payables + ageing
Export Files
Adjustments - Exact
Adjustments - Twinfield
Reconciliation Texts
Addition to private use
Assessments personnel costs
Balance Sheet personnel costs
Berekening Eindheffing ivm WKR
Cash & Banks check
Checking opening balance
Checking RGS-mapping
Checking used account template per account
Check other operating expenses
Check ratios
Company information
Correct values based upon reclass codes
Depreciation table
Detail longstanding debt
Equity and profit distribution per partner
Equity overview
Financial leasing
Gross margin check
Interest calculation
Inventory check
Junior checklist
Nmbrs settings
Office information
Overview ageing balance creditors
Overview ageing balance debtors
Securities summary
Share capital reconciliation
Share capital register
Suspense accounts, Accrued assets and liabilities, Other receivables and payables
Trial balance with adjustments
VAT calculation
VAT correction benefit in kind cars
Work in progress check
Workflow working screens
Administrative work periodically
Administrative work periodically
Insight Segments
Energy intensity
Energy Intensity - Threshold Cost