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A number of standard reports, based on RGS, which help you to present all of the financial data.

The following reports are availbable:

  • Cashflow (indirect)
  • Balance sheet
  • Balance sheet and Profit and loss account
  • Profit and loss account
  • Profit and loss account Short
  • Profit and loss account EBITDA
  • Financial analyses

Each report contains a selection of different period combinatians which can be selected when the report is active.
There are also several charts available in each report.

Het pakket bevat
Resultatenrekening Verkort (RGS)
Resultatenrekening (RGS)
Resultatenrekening EBITDA (RGS)
Kasstroomoverzicht (indirect) (RGS)
Financiële analyse (RGS)
Balans (RGS)
Balans / Resultatenrekening (RGS)