Marketplace BE standard working papers
BE standard working papers
by Silverfin
Working papers

All silverfin templates you need to prepare your year end closing.

These templates allows you to prepare your year end in an efficient way. Our broad selection of reconciliations and account templates cover every aspect of your year end closing, from reconciling your fixed assets to matching your turnover in your bookkeeping with your VAT returns.

This package includes
Account Templates
Accrued / Deferred Income and Accruals / Prepayments
Breakdown of fleet costs
Capital gains (680)
Credit account
Credit notes to be issued (No longer maintained)
Credit notes to be received (No longer maintained)
Depreciation and investment table
Disallowed expenses
Doubtful debtors
Gains and Losses
Invoices to be issued (No longer maintained)
Invoices to be issued or received / Credit notes to be issued or received
Invoices to be received (No longer maintained)
Loans & Leasings (17)
Loans & Leasings (42)
Meal vouchers
Overview of investments (No longer maintained)
Property tax
Rental income (detail)
Stock verification
Warrants and loans
Reconciliation Texts
273 A - dividends and employee participation
273(A) - Letter to customer
273 - Income from movable property and capital and various income from movable nature
Benefit in kind
Capital gains
Fixed assets
Immovable property
Interest calculation
Justification remuneration directors
Justification remuneration employees
Liquidation reserve
Loans and leasings
Silverfin Assistant - Follow-up
Turnover comparison
VAT Balance
Withholding tax – reconciliation with 75 account
Workflow working screens
Balance sheet, result and appropriation conforming WVV
Working papers sole traders
Working papers
Working papers sole traders
Insight Segments
Bedrijfsleider(s) < 45.000 euro (#618)
Check capital and legal reserves higher than 50% of the balance total
Client files with 'old' cars
Dossiers met toelichting beroepskosten
Drie opeenvolgende periodes dalende liquide middelen
Dure funding
Liquidation reserve that can be withdrawn (reduced rate)
Wagens met lage aftrekbaarheid en hun kosten