Marketplace NL Annual accounts (Micro/ Small entities)
NL Annual accounts (Micro/ Small entities)
by Silverfin
Statutory reports

All the templates you need to prepare and submit the annual accounts (micro & small companies).

Annual accounts in silverfin allows you to prepare your annual accounts for micro and small entities and to create the xbrl for filing with the authorities.

Silverfin automatically precompletes the annual accounts based upon information already completed via our standard working papers. Via the configuration box in each template, you can overwrite our standard texts into your personal office defaults text, which enables an efficient and uniform annual accounts preparation process.

Last but no least, the annual accounts are available in Dutch & English!

This package includes
Export Files
NL micro publicatiestukken
NL klein publicatiestukken
Nextens export
Fiscaal Gemak export
NL publicatiestukken (micro/klein/middelgroot)
Export AFAS Fiscaal
Reconciliation Texts
Debts to lending institutions
Share premium reserve
Accounting policies
Accounting principles applied to the measurement of assets and liabilities
Assets and liabilities not recognised in balance sheet
Average number of employees
Cash & banks
Financial fixed assets
General notes
General settings - annual account
Income and expenses from previous years
Intangible fixed assets
Intercompany recoverables
Long term debts
Model A - Balance sheet: Assets and liabilities on one page
Model B - Balance sheet: Assets and liabilities on separate pages - Assets
Interest & similar charges
Model B - Balance sheet: Assets and liabilities on separate pages - Liabilities
Model F - Profit and loss account: Net result totalized
Model E - Profit and loss account: Net result specified
Other company charges
Model I - Profit and loss account: Gross margin
Other reserves
Legal reserve
Principles for the determination of the result
Properties investments
Short term debts
Revaluation reserve
Tangible fixed assets
Subsequent events
Tax & social securities
Overview notes
Accountant's compilation report
General principles
Wages, salaries and social security charges
Work in progress
Proposal profit distribution financial statement
Other operating income
Net result other activities
Value adjustments of intangible and tangible fixed assets and real estate properties
Release revaluation reserve
Other value changes
Other organizational costs
Result from receivables that are part of the fixed assets and from securities
Value adjustments to financial fixed assets and securities
Net sales
Share in result of companies in which is participated
Net result sold real estate under development
Net realized result on sale of real estate portfolio
Net result exploitation of real estate portfolio
Share of third parties
Interest income and similar income
Depreciations of intangible and tangible fixed assets
Cost of sales
Changes in value of real estate portfolio
Changes in stock
Liveability costs
Cashflow report
Signature owners and directors
Cost equalisation reserve
Gross margin
Minutes of the general meeting of shareholders
Auditor's review report
Director's report
Note proposal profit distribution
Letter of representation
Annual report
Financial income and expenses
Total of the operating expenses
Sales charges
Note VAT return
Compilation annual accounts (micro/small)
Compilation annual accounts (micro/small)