Marketplace Net Asset and Liquidity Test
Net Asset and Liquidity Test
by Fintrax
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The liquidity test template provides the mandatory tests that are required when a company plans to
pay out capital.

This package contains the net asset and liquidity test which is required for issuing profit distribution according to the new company law.

The Liquidity Test provides the financial tests that are required when a Belgian private limited liability company (i.e. Besloten Vennootschap) wants to distribute profit (e.g. dividend payout). The tests include the 'net asset test' and the 'liquidity test'. The tool is developed in accordance with the Belgian Company Code dd. 23rd of March 2019 (Art. 5:142 & 5:143).
The Licensed Tool combines financial information of the client (e.g. annual accounts, trial balance, general ledger) and End User adjustable hypotheses/input. The final output of the tool is an internal report for the Board of Directors and General Meeting of Shareholders which is required by Belgian Company law (Art. 5:143) in case of a dividend payout.

Templates that are in this bundle:

Balance test
Liquidity test
Management report

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This package includes
Reconciliation Texts
Balance sheet
Director's report
Monthly Cashflow (current accounting period)
Monthly Cashflow (next accounting period)
Net asset test
Report of the extraordinary general meeting
Workflow working screens
Liquidity test
Liquiditeitstest - Bijzonder verslag algemene vergadering
Test de liquidité - Assemblée générale extraordinaire
Liquidity test