Marketplace BE Corporate tax (full version)
BE Corporate tax (full version)
by tax:tech
Corporation tax

All the templates you need to calculate and submit the corporate tax (full version)

Corporate tax in silverfin allows you to prepare your tax calculation during the year, complete it by year end and submit it by xbrl to the tax authorities. Silverfin automatically completes information from our standard templates such as e.g. fleet, company details.. The configuration box in each template on firm level allows you to set default details for your firm, e.g. ranges, default settings regarding your firm which make the flow to submit the corporate tax even smoother.

This package includes
Export Files
XBRL - Corporate Tax
Reconciliation Texts
Tax Module
Disallowed expenses
Visualisation tax return
Visualisation detail disallowed expenses
Tonnage taxable base
Taxed and tax exempt reserves
Separate/additional assessments
Information concerning the declaration
Fairness tax (TY18)
Dividend received deduction
Car costs (Disallowed expenses)
328 L - Fixed assets that have previously been taken up in the system of degressive depreciations
328 K - Degressive depreciation
276 W - Additional personnel
276 T - Exemption of additional personnel
276 P - Exemption of capital gains on waterway vessels for commercial trade
276 N - Exemption of capital gains on company vehicles
276 K - Capital gains subject to spread taxation
275 W - Tax credit
275 U - Investment deduction
275 R - Investment reserve
275 P - Patent income deduction
275 LF - Local form
275 K - Spread taxation of capital gains on certain effects
275 INNO - Innovation income deduction
275 F - Tax haven
275 C - Notional interest deduction
275 B - Capital gains on sea vessels
275 A - Liquidation reserve
274 APT-8 - Investments made in economic aid areas (SME)
204.3 - Write downs and provisions
General company details
Export tax return
Group contribution agreements
Conventions - Agreements to be added to the declaration
Controlled foreign companies
275 SE - Exemption non-deductible exceeding borrowing costs
275 COV - Tax exempt reserve to strengthen the solvency and the equity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
274 APT-9 - Investments made in economic aid areas (LE)
Corporate tax
Corporate tax basic
Corporate tax
Corporate tax basic
Insight Segments
Companies in payable position and no/not enough prepayments done
Companies in refund position
Companies in payable position