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BE Tax compliance
door Silverfin

Having difficulties to complete tax compliance requirements such as withholding tax returns and tax forms 281.50? Then this package is what you need.

This flow is designed to further support our customers in their closing workflows.

The withholding tax flows allows you to file withholding taxes for interests of loans on current accounts and dividends.
For the interests we based ourselves on the interest calculation of the interests on current accounts, which is already available in our working papers package. Additional functionality is foreseen to add the necessary information for beneficiaries.
For dividends, there is a new template available in this package.

All withholding tax returns are visible in the summary template and have a direct download button for the xml to file your returns on the government website.

Within this package, we also offer the content to create tax forms 281.50.
Based on the information you complete in the corresponding account template, a summary is created to generate the offical format. Here as well, a download to the xml is available.

Het pakket bevat
Belcotax - on - web (forms 281.50)
Withholding Tax
273A Roerende voorheffing - Inkomsten uit dividenden
273 Roerende voorheffing - Inkomsten van schuldvorderingen en leningen
Belcotax - on - web (fiches 281.50)
Roerende voorheffing - formulieren
Workflow working screens
Aangifte roerende voorheffing
Fiches 50
Aangifte roerende voorheffing
Fiches 50
Insights segmenten
Fiches 281.50 in te dienen?