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LU Working Papers
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Working papers

All Luxembourg specific templates you need to prepare validate your financial data!

This set of working papers is created to check and allow you to prepare your periodical or year end closing in an efficient way.

These include a variety of reconciliation and accounts templates (Cash, provisions, fixed assets, equity, turnover etc.) together with legal templates (legal information of the company, shareholder register, etc.)

Het pakket bevat
Standaard rekeningsjabloon
Voorzieningen klanten / leveranciers
Cut-off (overlopende rekeningen)
Investment- and depreciation details
Provision details
Financial assets
CCSS balance check
Bank & kas
BTW saldo aansluiting
Provisions overview
Equity movement schedule
Overview fixed assets
Settings working papers
Shareholder register
Company information
Overview off-balance sheet commitments
Overview formation expenses
Overview financial fixed assets
Standaard rekeningschema
Luxembourg workflow (eCDF)
Legal and Company information
Bilan & Compte de profits et pertes
Compte de profits et pertes (complet)
Compte de profits et pertes (Abrégé)
Bilan (Abrégé)
Bilan (Complet)
Fichiers & flux de travail - Luxembourg
Company & Legal