Marketplace Risk based compilation (The Netherlands)
Risk based compilation (The Netherlands)
par Cygnus Atratus
Statutory reports
Compliance checklists

All templates you need to create an efficient & risk-oriented compiliation process.

This unique approach as developed by Cygnus Atratus is more than ticking off standard checklists.
These templates are based upon the latest COS 4410 and is useable for all branch types.

This set will help you to determine the risks and help you to give focus to these key areas where the risks has been identified, resulting in an efficient annual accounts compiliation process.

Ce paquet comprend
Risico - Afronding
Risico - Basishygiëne
Risico - Planning
Risico - Uitvoeringsopdracht
Risico - Voorbereiding
Workflow working screens
Risicogericht samenstellen
Risicogericht samenstellen