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UK Annual accounts - Ltd companies (FRS 102)
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Say goodbye to inefficient, cluncky accounts production software. Say hello to smart, efficient, connected annual accounts.

A full FRS 102 Section 1a financial statement suite with direct integration to Xero, Quickbooks and Sage 50. Long gone are the days of posting journals to split out TB balances for financial statement disclosure purposes. Use our easy input forms and even automate a number of financial statement disclosures when used in conjunction with the Silverfin working paper package.

Both full and abridge presentation options are supported.

The package is has full inbuilt iXBRL functionality (yes that's right, we never ask you to tag), with a direct link to file the financial statments with Companies House. Both full and filited filing options are available.

Fully tagged detiled profit and loss statement is also available for filing with your tax return.

Used by big 4 accountants!

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Fichiers d'exportation
[FRS102 1A] Note - Audit Opinion
[FRS102 1A] Note - Accounting policies
[FRS102 1A] Note - Finance costs (net)
[FRS102 1A] Note - Creditors: amounts falling due after more than one year
[FRS102 1A] Note - Additional note 2
[FRS102 1A] Note - Debtors
[FRS102 1A] Note - Profit (Loss) before taxation / Profit on ordinary activities before tax
[FRS102 1A] Overview
[FRS102 1A] Note - Critical accounting judgements
[FRS102] Statement of Director's Responsibilities
[FRS102 1A] Company information
[FRS102 1A] Note - Intangible assets
[FRS102 1A] Note - Contingencies
[FRS102 1A] Note - Additional note 3
[FRS102 1A] Note - Employee numbers
[FRS102] Statement of changes in equity
[FRS102 1A] Note - Tangible fixed assets
[FRS102] Directors' report
[FRS102 1A] Note - Ultimate controlling party
[FRS102] Detailed profit and loss account
[FRS102 1A] Note - Financial instruments
[FRS102 1A] Note - Stocks
[FRS102] Profit and loss account
[FRS102 1a] Events after the balance sheet date
[FRS102 1A] Note - Off balance sheet arrangements
[FRS102 1A] Note - Derivative financial instruments
[FRS102 1A] Note - Convertible loans
[FRS102] Accountant's report / Auditor's report
[FRS102 1A] Note - Additional note 1
[FRS102 1A] Note - Creditors: amounts falling due within one year
[FRS102 1A] Note - Related party transactions
[FRS102 1A] Balance sheet
[FRS102 1A] Note - Fixed asset investments
[FRS102] Statement of comprehensive income
[FRS102 1A] Note - Financial commitments
General settings
[FRS102] Note - Current asset investments
[FRS102] Note - Turnover
[FRS102] Note - Dividends on equity shares
[FRS102] Note - Auditors' remuneration
[FRS102] Note - Called up share capital & reserves
[FRS102] Note - Staff number and costs
[FRS102] Note - Statement of cash flows
[FRS102] Statement of cash flows
[FRS102] Note - Directors remuneration
[FRS102] Note - Share based payments
[FRS102] Note - Retirement benefit schemes
[FRS102] Note - Investment Property
[FRS102] Note - Tax on profit for ordinary activities
[FRS102] Note - Provision for liabilities
Statutory information (Directors, Secretaries and Shareholders)
[FRS102] Strategic Report
[FRS102] Note - Exceptional item
[FRS102] Note - Other operating income
[FRS102] Note - Cash and cash equivalents
[FRS102] Note - Deferred tax
[FRS102 1A] Note - Additional profit and loss note 1
[FRS102] Note - Additional profit and loss note 3
[FRS102] Note - Additional profit and loss note 2
[FRS102] Note - Prior year adjustment