Marketplace Valuation (full)
Valuation (full)
by Fintrax

The template enables a fast and detailed calculation of the value of a company.

The valuation template allows the user to generate a complete valuation report of a company (net
asset value, EBITDA Multiple and DCF method). The template uses existing company data, user defined
variables and scenario analyses. The different elements and drivers of the valuation can be tailored
and included in an adjustable valuation report.

Available templates:

  • Financial overview
  • Multiple valuation
  • Sector valuation
  • DCF valuation

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This package includes
Reconciliation Texts
Calculated EBITDA multiple
Valuation - Brookz Overnamebarometer
Valuation - Conclusion
Valuation - DCF valuation
Valuation - EBITDA Multiple
Valuation - Historicals
Valuation - Net asset value
Valuation - Preface
Valuation - Sector multiple
Valuation - Sector multiple data
Valuation - Stock market data
Valuation - Summary
Valuation - Vlerick
Workflow working screens