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BE Legal documents (Dutch)
by Silverfin
Legal documents

All the Silverfin templates you need to prepare the legal documents in Dutch.

These templates allow you to prepare the legal documents for your end clients. Information regarding the company (e.g. names and mandates directors, dates of meetings etc.) can be mentioned manually or pushed through from your CRM package in our template "General company information". These details are used to prepare the report of the directors, the general meeting, the annual financial statement, the special meetings etc.

This package includes
Bijzonder verslag van het bestuursorgaan - alarmbelprocedure
Notulen uitstel algemene vergadering
Notulen van de algemene vergadering
Notulen van de vergadering van het bestuursorgaan/de zaakvoerder(s)
Aanstelling gedelegeerd bestuurder (verslag zaakvoerder(s)/bestuurder(s))
Notulen van de bijzondere algemene vergadering - alarmbelprocedure
Insight Segments
Alarm bell procedure for legal form nv
Abolished legal forms
Renewal mandate