Marketplace BE - Personal income tax (Fintrax)
BE - Personal income tax (Fintrax)
by Fintrax
Personal tax

All the templates you need to prepare and submit the personal income tax

Personal income tax (PIT) on Silverfin completes your office’s cloud operation. Upload tax returns, synchronise data from MyMinFin and ToW, directly ask questions to clients without using your mailbox and much more.

Easy to collaborate on and follow up with your colleagues.

PIT on Silverfin means more control over your organisation and insight into your client’s financial situation. Experience it for yourself and try it out today in your own Silverfin environment.

Please contact for all questions, comments and fixes.

This package includes
Export Files
Tax-on-web file
Reconciliation Texts
270 MLH
Administrative codes
Administrative codes
Box III - Income from immovable property
Box II - Personal information and family expenses
Box I - Personal information
Box IV - Wages, salaries, unemployment benefits, statutory sickness or disability benefits, replacement income, and unemployment benefits with a company bonus
Box IX - Interest and capital repayments of loans and debts, premiums of individual life insurance policies and ground rent and building lease payments or similar payments, which entitle the holder to a tax benefit
Box VIII - Deductible previous losses and expenditures
Box VII - Income from capitals and movable property
Box VI - Support payments received
Box V - Pensions
Box X - (Expenditures entitling to) tax credits
Box XI - Amounts eligible for the regional tax credit for win-win loans
Box XII - Advance payments for the fiscal year
Box XIII - Accounts and individual life insurance abroad, legal structures and loans to start-up small companies
Box XIV - Profession and company number
Box XIX - Withholding taxes related to self-employment
Box XVIII - Income from liberal professions, offices, posts or other gainful activities
Box XVII - Profits from industrial, commercial or agricultural enterprises
Box XVI - Remuneration of company directors
Box XV - Miscellaneous revenue
Box XXII - First establishment as a self-employed person
Box XXI - Profits and gains from a previous professional activity
Box XX - Remuneration of assisting spouses and legally cohabiting partners
Calculation overview
Creating questionnaire
Declaration overview
Declaration visualisation
Get data
II - Dependents
III - Cadastral parcels
III - Immovable properties
I/II - Personal information
IV - Professional income
IX - Life insurance and leasehold paid
IX - Loans
List with errors
Notes part 1
Notes part 2
Overzicht synchronisatie
Prepared customer information
Reconciliations overview
Snelle invoering
VIII - Deductible losses
VII - Movable income
VI - Received maintenance benefits
V - Pensions
XIII - Foreign accounts
XII - Prepayments
XIV/XXII - General Information
XI - Win-win loans
XIX - Withholding taxes
X - Tax reductions
XVIII - Income
XVII - Industry, trade, agricultural profits
XVI - Self-employed income
XV - Other income
XXI - Previous professional activity
XX - Remuneration of assisting spouses
Workflow working screens
Personal income tax
Personal income tax
Insight Segments
Personal income tax overview