Marketplace NL Annual accounts working program
NL Annual accounts working program
by RS Finance
Compliance checklists

Working program for the annual closing of the trial balance.

Close the annual accounts for your clients with this flexible working program by RS Finance.
Use our questions and amend it to your needs.

Features include:

  • Fully flexible to create your own working papers

  • Use of the framework and excel upload of your own questions in bulk

  • Perfect follow up of our Monthly Closing working paper

  • See which items were closed properly and only spend time on the high risk ones

  • Integrated use of Silverfin templates and creation of all annual statement specifications as you go

To view a recorded demo of the Annual accounts working program, click here!

This package includes
Reconciliation Texts
JW000 - Quickscan
JW001 - Acceptance
JW010 - Risks
JW100 – Initial figures
JW101 - Balance sheet
JW102 - Profit and loss account
JW103 - Maintain working program
JW301 - Working program
JW302 - Closing working program
JW401 - Adjustments
JW501 - Closing figures
JW601 - Closure
Workflow working screens
YWP working screen
Year-end closure