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Corporation tax

Silverfin Corporation Tax - we’ve made corporation tax easy and fast in the cloud. Save hours creating and filing client corporation tax returns with Silverfin.

Benefit from best practice tax workflows and automation: your whole team works the same way. Quality, accuracy and efficiency are improved. Manual work is reduced.

All the data you need is at your fingertips: The Silverfin Data Hub stores client data from over 50 bookkeeping and other financial sources or can be uploaded manually via CSV files.

Changes happen once: Data only needs to be entered, checked or changed once. Any changes to the client file are reflected in other accounting workflows on Silverfin too.

No manual categorisation of tax treatments: When you create a client file, Silverfin will map the data using standard definitions.

Create and file the tax return with the authorities in the same platform and benefit from automatic iXBRL tagging.

Support for CT600; CT600A (Closed companies); CT600B (CFCs) and CT600C (Group and consortium).

Plus the schedules and calculations you need including: income and losses; fixed assets (tangible and intangible); balance sheet items; profit or loss items; tax adjustments; gains and FRS102 tax disclosures.

This package includes
Account Templates
Profit and Loss / Other Comprehensive Income - Additional Analysis
Export Files
CT 600
iXBRL Corporation Tax
Reconciliation Texts
Tax Calculation
Transfer Pricing
Dividend Income
Chargeable Gains Calculation Schedule
Unconnected Chargeable Gains Summary
Short-life Asset Summary
Connected Chargeable Gains Summary
Capitalised revenue
Tangible Fixed Asset Summary
Tangible Fixed Asset Disposals
Loan Relationships
Loans to Participators
Trading Income
Pension (Defined Contribution)
Qualifying Charitable Donations
Car Leasing
Tax Payments
Other Deductible As Paid
Profit and Loss / Other Comprehensive Income - Additional Analysis Summary
Profit and Loss / Other Comprehensive Income
Pension (Defined Benefit)
Group Relief
Intangible Fixed Assets
Unpaid Remuneration
CT 600
Rates and allowances
Attachments to corporation tax return
Return Information
Return Disclosure
Miscellaneous Income
Property Income
Total Fixed Asset Additions
Total Taxable Profits Before Reliefs
Total Taxable Profits After Reliefs
Finance Lease (SP3/91)
UK Corporation Tax
UK Corporation Tax