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Ludwig Assistant
par Boltzmann
United Kingdom
Machine Learning & AI

Raise consistency inbetween files and reduce time spent on various tasks drastically with your personnel A.I. assistance.

Ludwig Assistant by Boltzmann is an A.I. assistant specifically designed for accountants.
Ludwig Assistant raises consistency inbetween files and reduces time spent on various tasks drastically. The A.I. checks continuously if there are any mistakes or opportunities in the system. The greatest advantage of Ludwig Assistant is that it's already integrated in Silverfin's workflows.

Ludwig Assistant goes further
Ludwig Assistant uses A.I. to support the accountant during specific tasks in the accountancy process.
A.I. is already used within accountancy for processing invoices, but just like accountancy is more than booking, A.I. is more than OCR.

Ludwig Assistant supports mapping to your in-house chart of accounts

  • Increases consistency across client files
  • Reduces effort from hours to minutes
  • During client onboarding and with newly added accounts

Ludwig Assistant detects outliers

  • Keeps a watchful eye, all the time
  • Checks for outliers, rigorously
  • Spots opportunities, as well as mistakes

Ludwig Assistant is getting smarter and smarter.
We are currently developing Ludwig's skills for predicting budgets and cashflows. And there is even more in store!

To view a recorded demo of Ludwig Assistant, click here!

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