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Ludwig Assistant
by Boltzmann
Machine Learning & AI
United Kingdom

Raise consistency inbetween files and reduce time spent on various tasks drastically with your personnel A.I. assistance.

Ludwig Assistant - Fully integrated in Silverfin

Ludwig Assistant currently consists of two modules: Mapping and Review.

Ludwig Mapping

Working with a standardized chart of accounts across all client files has many benefits. Ludwig Mapping supports the mapping of any file to your in-house chart of accounts in a consistent and convenient manner.

Why map in Silverfin?
Working with mapped files unlocks Silverfin functionality
Allows to automate the addition of accounts to reports, templates, and other modules
Efficiently find your way in coworkers files through higher level of standardization

Where does Ludwig Mapping help?
Integrated into existing SF mapping flow
Immediately gives mapping proposal for each account
Reduces tedious process from hours to minutes

Ludwig Review

Ludwig Review helps you with the analysis of your files by signaling outliers, opportunities and points of interest, and using to-do’s to follow-up on them in Silverfin.

The automated control checks of Ludwig Assistant alert you of both points of attention as well as certain opportunities within the file. This way you get notified of any missing transactions, deviant balances or transaction amounts, but also opportunities for consulting without having to actively track these down yourself.

The follow-up of these attention points and opportunities is fully integrated into your existing work process with to-do’s. These to-do’s may consist of actions like corrections, delegating tasks, or consulting the client. Points of attention are not necessarily mistakes, but could also be a start to the documentation of the current situation.

For this analysis, Ludwig Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence based on a combination of heuristics and machine learning. This includes looking for certain patterns or changes in accounts and expectations based on the available data in Silverfin.


We are currently bèta-testing the new Ludwig Overview: a way to gain insight into the results of the performed checks across all your files at once.
We are currently developing Ludwig's skills for predicting budgets and cash flows.

To view a recorded demo of Ludwig Assistant, click here!

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